1Who is required to be enrolled into a random drug testing consortium?

The Department of Transportation requires anyone with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) that operates a vehicle 26,001 lbs or more, anyone who operates a vehicle capable of handling 16 or more passengers (including driver), or anyone transporting hazardous materials to enroll in a drug testing consortium and develop a drug testing program.

2How do I get started with you?
You can always call us with questions, as some are easier by phone. To enroll, click here.
3Which option should I choose?
4How will I be notified when someone needs to be drug tested?

Unless you have different requirements (which we can accommodate), we make random selections in the first week or two of each quarter. You will receive an email notification at this time.

You will also receive monthly reminders, or "nudges," and we'll push you if you keep putting it off. Our goal is to keep you compliant.

5How often does the drug testing happen?

The FMCSA requires that 25% of regulated employees be random tested for drugs, and 10% for alcohol per year. We make selections each quarter with the goal of reaching those minimums by year end. If you don't get your testing completed, not only do you affect the compliance of everyone else in the consortium, but you can face huge fines from the DOT should you be audited and cannot explain why someone was not tested.

In addition, the DOT requires testing for the following reasons:

  • Pre-employment
  • Post Accident
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Return-to-Duty
  • Follow Up
6What drug test panels do you use?

The DOT has one, specific test panel. It is called DOT 5 Panel Test and is a urine test. It tests for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, PCP and Opioids.

The DOT 5 Panel Test was updated 1/1/18 to include some of the commonly abused synthetic opiates. More detail here.

For businesses not regulated by DOT, there are many other options: more drugs; hair; oral fluid (saliva); instant tests and more. Ask us for details.

7What happens if a driver fails a drug test?

It happens. A regulated employee who fails or refuses a drug or alcohol test is subject to the mandated Return-to-Duty process. Watch this video to know more about return to duty process.

How your company deals with the employee is up to your written policy. https://www.inoutlabs.com/drug-alcohol-workplace-policy/ This blog post may help too. https://www.inoutlabs.com/zero-tolerance-failed-drug-test/

8Are owner-operators required to be part of a Consortium?
Absolutely yes. We offer a very simple, affordable Owner Operator program. Click here to get enrolled: https://onlinedotconsortium.com/oo-redirect/
9Do you provide assistance if there is an audit by DOT?
We do. Audits are never fun and when the DOT comes knocking, we respond quickly to help you provide any records they request. What do they ask for? There is a list on this page: https://www.inoutlabs.com/business-services/dot/
10How long does the drug testing process take, from giving the sample to receiving the results?
It depends. The vast majority of negative test results take 24-48 hours. A non-negative can take much longer. This page has more detail. https://www.inoutlabs.com/drug-test-results-taking-long/